The Colourful Book - PMU Colour Theory & Pigment Science - Hardback

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The Colourful Book took two years to write and design. It is all about colour theory, pigment composition and how they behave differently within different skin types. The second half of the book is a pigment dictionary that describes the carbon levels, opacity levels, temperature, the value and a general description of each pigment. Each swatch has been handmade and scanned into the book and has a list of its CI numbers assigned to it.
What is Colour

Colour Theory

Colour Terminology

The Fitzpatrick Scale, Undertones and Overtones
Ink Consistency
Organic vs Inorganic Pigments
Titanium Dioxide
CI numbers

Toners Vs Correctors

How To Carry out a Correction 

Why does Pigment Discolour?

Shading Solution 

Lip Colour Theory

Melanin-rich Lips and Neutralisation

Eyeliner Colour Theory


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