Full Lip Blush Training Course Masterclass in Sheer Lips & HD Lips

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You do not have to be qualified in Lip Blush to complete this course but must hold a qualification in machine method.

After two years in the making, the GgBrows Online Lip Blush Masterclass Training Course is a first-class source of knowledge that will provide you with the theoretical and practical skillsets to perfect your results for your clients, to the highest of standards.


Full Online Lip Blush Training Course


The GgBrows Lip Blush Training Course Masterclass covers both Sheer Lips and HD Lips. The level of attention to detail in this course is like no other class on the market. The content will provide you with the highest standard of theoretical and practical knowledge, which combined will elevate your results to the next level. You will learn so much more than just how to perfect results for your future clients. You will gain knowledge and new skill sets that will drastically improve yourself as an artist overall. Everything is so beautifully broken down and delivered in the most methodical and understandable way. Georgie is more than happy to support all of her students moving forward, please feel free to reach out to her.
Georgie has clearly listed all products and equipment listed, which are all available at:
If you have any questions prior to purchasing your course, please do not hesitate to ask.
Course Breakdown: 
Lip Anatomy
Lip Tissue vs Mucosa Tissue
Lip Tissue Health
Pairing the Client with their Pigment
Titanium Dioxide
Fitzpatrick Scale
The Temperature Scale
Temperature Severity
The Shade Scale
The Vibrancy Scale
Case Studies 1-6
Melanin Richness
Fordyce Spots
My Summary
Aqua vs Glycerine Pigments
Pigment Breakdown and GG’s FAVS
What’s your definition of NUDE?
Pigment Cheat Sheet
Client Preparation
The Machine
Needle Theory
Pre Drawing
The Outline
Master of Hands
Machine and Hand Speed
How much Pressure should I use?
How to Test Your Pressure
Long vs Short Strokes
The Corners
Secondary Numbing
Movement Direction
My pigment isn’t coming out?
Client and Artist Position Guide
Top Tips
Sheer Lips
HD Lips
Sheer vs HD Lips
Gloss Application

This course is able to be viewed for 6 months prior to expiry.
You do not have to be qualified in Lip Blush to complete this course but must hold a qualification in machine method.

With Full Kit?

Lite pad II
1 x Luna 0.35MT
1 x Luna 3RL 0.25MT
1 x CS Pink Universal 0.25
1 x Buff Browz Pro Series Palette
1 each x Buff Browz Brush 1,3,6
1 x Hydragel
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Who is GgBrows?

GgBrows was created in 2015 by Georgie, who brought the Ombre brow technique to the UK. Georgie open her academy side of the business in 2016 and was one the first technicians to offer such training. We have seen huge student success and trained over 1000+ people just in the ombre brow. With the rise of permanent makeup in the later years and especially Lip Blush, Georgie offered the training and quickly became an industry leader in this technique.

Permanent Makeup Online Training

Georgie has been building her online platform since 2021 with first starting her FREE YouTube channel. Now with the waters tested, we believe its perfect time to showcase our new online PMU training courses. With such success for her in person training, Georgie has gone above beyond on her online courses to make sure each person enrolling has such value for money. See all online courses here