Lip Blush Masterclass | In Person

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At GgBrows, we offer Masterclasses for artists who are already qualified on the machine and are looking to perfect their techniques and improve their theoretical knowledge. All students are taught as though they are beginners in order to guarantee that all areas are covered in detail. Georgie has designed a methodical and structured preparation manual. All students will be asked to allow a few weeks to study prior to their course to ensure that they as well prepared as possible.

Pre requisites:
•Must hold a certificate in SPMU

What will I learn? 


•Sheer Lips

•HD Lips

Will I do a LIVE model? 


Please note that this course does not include theory on melanin-rich client's due to the advanced practical and theoretical skillsets that are required.

Course Breakdown:

  • What is Lip Blush?
  • Lip Anatomy
  • Different Cupid’s Bow Shapes
  • Pairing the Client with their Pigment
  • Organics, Inorganic's and Titanium Dioxide
  • Fitzpatrick 1-2 Clients:
    • Cool Lips
    • Warm Lips
    • Pigment choices (Brighten, Neutralise or Colour Match the lip tissue)
  • Fitzpatrick 3 Clients
  • Temperature Scale: Severity and Modification
  • Shade Scale
  • Vibrancy Scale
  • Case Studies 1-5
  • Pigment Choice:
    • Aqua vs Glycerine Pigments (PMU vs SPMU)
    • Warm Nude Pigments
    • Neutral Nude Pigments
    • Cool Blush Pigments
    • Neutral Pink Pigments
    • Warm, Muted-Vibrant Pigments
    • Bright Pigments
  • Client Preparation
  • The Machine
  • Needle Theory:
    • Needle Cartridge House
    • Diameter
    • Taper
    • Number or Needles and Needle Configuration
    • Needle Length
    • Round Liner Needles
    • Magnum Needles
  • Pre Drawing
  • The Outline
  • Shading:
    • Master of Hands
    • Machine Speed and Hand Sped
    • How much Pressure should I use?
    • Long Strokes vs Short Strokes
    • Move
    • Sections
    • Segments
    • Movement Direction
    • My Pigment isn’t coming out?
    • TOP TIPS
  • Aftercare
  • Sheer Lips:
    • Pigment Choice
    • Needle Choice
    • Segment Layers
    • Passes
    • Stroke Distance
  • HD Lips
    • Pigment Choice
    • Needle Choice
    • Segment Layers
    • Passes
    • Stroke Distance

Locations 🌎


All students will of course receive lifetime support! Georgie uses WhatsApp to communicate with all of her students to ensure a quick response time.

3 students will be present in each masterclass

Georgie accepts payments from Paypal Credit which is 0% APR over 4 months, or Klarna Payments which is 0% APR over 3 months. Alternatively, bank transfer payments are accepted.

Please email Georgie on if you would like to schedule a call.