Ombre Brows Masterclass | In Person

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£1950.00 (with machine)
£1550.00 (without machine)
£1200.00 (without machine or any kit)

At GgBrows, we offer Masterclasses for artists who are already qualified on the machine and are looking to perfect their techniques and improve their theoretical knowledge. All students are taught as though they are beginners in order to guarantee that all areas are covered in detail. Georgie has designed a methodical and structured preparation manual. All students will be asked to allow a few weeks to study prior to their course to ensure that they as well prepared as possible.
The GgBrows Face to Face Ombre Brows Masterclass includes:
  • 4-6 weeks Preparation Training
  • The Pro Pad II
  • GgBrows Needles
  • The GgBrows Pre Drawing Kit
  • 5 Pigments
  • An Accessories Pack
  • Hydragel
  • Mapping Oil
  • The GgBrows Online Masterclass
  • The Colourful Book
  • Online Salt and Saline Tattoo Removal Course
  • The Back to Basics Guide
  • The Business and Marketing Manual
  • The GgBrows Bible
  • Georgie’s Health Care Form
  • Terms and Conditions Form
  • Aftercare Documents
  • LIVE Demo
  • LIVE Model
3 students per class

Surrey RH8 9DA
1 Day Course
What does the Pre Study involve?
Week 1: Read through your 'Basic Guide' and your 'Business & Marketing Guide'
Week 2: Read 'The Colourful Book' and complete 'The Colourful Exam'
Week 3: Read and watch 'The Cosmedic Supplies Needle Guide'
Week 4: Watch 'The BuffBrowz Pre Drawing Webinar'
Week 5: Complete the Outline exercises as advised by Georgie
Week 6&7: Complete the Shading exercises as advised by Georgie
Week 8: Complete the Ombre exercises as advised by Georgie
All students will of course receive lifetime support! Georgie uses WhatsApp to communicate with all of her students to ensure a quick response time.

At Georgie’s academy in Surrey, only 3 students are on the course.

Georgie accepts payments from Paypal Credit which is 0% APR over 4 months, or Klarna Payments which is 0% APR over 3 months. Alternatively, bank transfer payments are accepted.

Please email Georgie on if you would like to schedule a call. 

Georgie also accepts Microblading artists who are looking to convert onto the machine onto her masterclasses depending on their experience.