What are the differences between your Online and face-to-face courses?
The standards and content of both classes are identical. The difference is that you
will tattoo a model with Georgie in a Face to Face class. 

What courses do you offer online?

Sheer and HD Lip Masterclass
Lip Blush Pre Drawing
Master of Hands
Lip Blush Colour Theory
Pigment Cheat Sheet
The Client and Artist Position Guide
Inorganic Vs Organic Pigments
Needle Theory
How to Test Your Pressure
The GgBrows 'Perfect Picture' Guide
The Signature GgBrows Ombré Brow Masterclass
The Misty Brow Masterclass
Eyebrow Colour Theory
Who can take your courses?
Anyone who already holds a qualification in machine method can take an online masterclass. Even if you are not trained in that specific area.
Do you teach beginners? 
Yes! We offer both Face-to-face and Online Beginner courses that are perfect for conversion students also.
The online beginner class is an intense online 4 month programme which involves both practical and theoretical assignments. A face to face assessment day is then required to complete the course whereby you will carry out models with Georgie. A full kit is included.
The face to face beginner class is carried out the same online training, but over one month and does require any assignments to be carried out. Three face to face days are required to complete the course with Georgie. A full kit is included.  
Will I get a certificate?
Yes we issue certificates for each course carried out
Are the courses insurable?
All beginner courses are insurable. Online masterclasses are not as you already hold a valid insurance policy to work on the entire face.
Are your courses lifetime access?
No. The full masterclasses are valid for 6 months. The smaller classes are valid for 4 months.
Do I receive a kit? 
We have a kit option with our online masterclasses where you will receive a hardback certificate, The Lite Pad II, 3 boxes of Georgie's favourite cartridges, a Bare Necessities Pallet and Georgie's preferred concealer brushes.
Do you offer finance?
Yes we offer finance through Klarna.
Can I do your courses if I live outside of the UK?
Yet you absolutely can!
Do you offer conversion courses?
Our beginner courses are designed for conversion students also.