GgBrows Brow Bible - E-Book (82 Pages)

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THIS IS ONLINE E-BOOK | Hardback can be purchased here

The GgBrows Ombre and Misty Brow E-book is perfectly designed for those who do not require to full comprehensive training that the online masterclass provides. It includes as much as possible that the online masterclass provides bar mapping and pre-drawing as well as the LIVE tutorials. It includes all of the pigment and colour theory that is included in the online masterclass. 

What will you learn?

What is the Ombre Brow
Skin Types
Skin Health
The Fitzpatrick Scale
Skin Undertones
Skin Overtones
Cool Undertones
Neutral Undertones
Ink Consistency
Organic vs Inorganic Pigments
Titanium Dioxide
Pigment Opacity
Carbon Black
Brand Breakdown: Monica Ivani, Tina Davies I Love Ink, Original BrowDaddy Gold Collection, Permablend, Tina Davies Fade, Browdaddy DNA Pigments, Brovi
Choosing Your Pigment
The Summary
The Machine
Needle Theory: Needle Cartridge Housing, Diameter, Taper, Number of Needles and Needle Configuration, Needle Length, Round Liner Needles
Machine Settings and Needle Choice
The Outline
Machine Speed and Hands Speed
How much pressure should I use?
Long Strokes vs Short Strokes
Shading Technique
Movement Direction
My pigment isn’t coming out
The Ombre
The Misty Brow
Pigment Choice
Machine Settings and Needle Choice
Movement Direction
Shading Technique


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