Lip Blush Workshop | In Person

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Introducing the GgBrows Lip Blush Workshop. This workshop is perfect for those who want to upskill and focus on both theory and practical elements, but perhaps don’t need to partake in the full masterclass.

What’s Included? 

We will go through the entire online masterclass and will pick it apart and break it down in more detail.
We will then carry out the Master of Hands Workshop and will perfect our skillsets of latex.

I will then carry out a full demonstration.
You will be given The GgBrows Lip Blush Bible to take home with you.

Subjects Covered:

Lip Anatomy
Lip Tissue vs Mucosa Tissue
Lip Tissue Health
Pairing the Client with their Pigment
Titanium Dioxide
Fitzpatrick Scale
The Temperature Scale
Temperature Severity
The Shade Scale
The Vibrancy Scale
Case Studies 1-6
Melanin Richness
Fordyce Spots
My Summary
Aqua vs Glycerine Pigments
Pigment Breakdown and GG’s FAVS
What’s your definition of NUDE?
Pigment Cheat Sheet
Client Preparation
The Machine
Needle Theory
Pre Drawing
The Outline
Master of Hands
Machine and Hand Speed
How much Pressure should I use?
How to Test Your Pressure
Long vs Short Strokes
The Corners
Secondary Numbing
Movement Direction
My pigment isn’t coming out?
Client and Artist Position Guide
Top Tips
Sheer Lips
HD Lips
Sheer vs HD Lips