Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Why Train with GgBrows?

  • UK's leading Semi Permanent Makeup training academy
  • A technician trained to the highest standard can earn up to 100k+ in their first year
  • At GgBrows we offer FINANCE for our students
  • GgBrows students are taught in small classes of no more than two students at one time
  • GgBrows is 100% focused on student success
  • Our training is spread over a period of 2 months on average to ensure that students’ knowledge and skill set excels above the others
  • GgBrows teaches students how to BRAND, ADVERTISE and MARKET their new company 
  • GgBrows offers unlimited shadow days
  • GgBrows only takes on a limited amount of students a year so that we can be fully dedicated to ensuring 100% student success
  • GgBrows includes a generous sized kit as well as the most innovative machine available on the market 
  • GgBrows teaches all students how to run a business successfully and creates marketing plans with each student during training
  • GgBrows provides ongoing support

Beginner course total price – £7,500 Inc VAT (Includes kit worth of up to £2,000) – Contact us today to book your course


Semi Permanent Makeup Training

Semi Permanent Makeup Course

GgBrows has designed a bespoke and elite SPMU training course where we are 100% focused on student success. Georgie offers Semi Permanent Makeup training to teach students a technique which was tailored and designed by Georgie, Director of GgBrows.

The Ombre Brow is a look desired by many, but only Georgie is able to teach this. The benefits with training with GgBrows are that Georgie offers a unique method of training her students using comparative techniques, whereas many other academies don’t offer this service. The training is very personal and tailored to each student’s needs.

GgBrows provides each student with enough tools and resources in order to be able to prep themselves prior to their practical days with Georgie. By doing this, student’s will already have a high level of knowledge prior to coming on the course, which therefore increases their confidence. The practical days with Georgie are a game changer, and each student will be taught the skills they need in order to create the perfect Ombre Brow for their own clients.

But it’s not just about the skill and knowledge, it is also about how to market yourself as a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist. Georgie takes the time to create a marketing plan with each student. By the end of this particular module, students will know how to brand themselves, how to manage their social media accounts and will have at least a six-month promotional strategy plan on how they are going to generate business and book up their diaries!

It doesn’t stop there. Each student also gets 2 months post support whilst completing their case studies. This will consist of students submitting practical and theoretical assignments, which Georgie will give detailed feedback on. Scheduled calls will be arranged for students to ask Georgie for further advice during their case study period. Once Georgie is satisfied with the level of work, students will receive their certificates. Support is ongoing to ensure success amongst all students. 


Pre Coursework

 Each student will be asked to complete several essays, one on Health and Safety and one on Anatomy and Physiology (skin, blood, hair etc.); students will need to complete these a couple of weeks before attending the course. Students will be provided with all of the relevant theoretical information in the GgBrows micropigmenation training manual that is necessary for performing the procedure. We have decided to ask students to learn half of the course before the training days with Georgie as we believe that by having a good level of knowledge prior to the course, student’s confidence levels will be increased during practical days.

First Day

The first day of training will consist of revisiting the theoretical side of the procedure. Students will get hands on with the hand piece and machine and become familiar with the needles and pigments. This day will be a brilliant opportunity to ask any questions and to also create a marketing plan to get clients through the door and generate business. Georgie will perform a demonstration of the procedure in the afternoon.

Second Day

The second day will consist of two models for Ombré Brows; models are provided. You will be heavily overlooked and guided by Georgie and will receive detailed feedback after each procedure.

Final Day

The third day will consist of two more models. Students will have two months after the course to complete 5 case studies at home. Students will have access to all the necessary information in order to pass and will have the opportunity to arrange a shadow day with Georgie.

Training Kit & Prices

The kit that students receive from GgBrows is as followed:

  • The Brow Pad Machine: This machine is manufactured in Germany and does about 40% of the work for you combined with its precision needles. It is small but powerful and will run all day long without any need for a break in between clients. Take a look for yourself at this amazing machine 
  • 10 needles are included in order to perform 5 case studies
  • 2 individual pigments are provided
  • The kit also includes every disposable that is necessary to perform the procedure and will last each student for up to 6 months! The kit is also included in the cost of the course.

All future products that students want to purchase can be bought directly through Cosmedic Supplies.

The cost of this course is currently £7,500 Inclusive of Vat. This includes absolutely everything, as well on-going support.

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You only need 23 clients to recover your investment!

You will be able to find cheaper courses out there and we do advise to shop around, however we believe that we are providing an incredible learning experience and the absolute best products that are available on the market. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Georgie ❤