Semi Permanent Makeup Training Finance

Our New 0% Semi Permanent Makeup Training Finance

New finance option for training with GgBrows 50% deposit and monthly payments of £500 until the balance is paid

Great for those who can’t take out credit or don’t want to affect their credit score! £500 payment each month takes just 1 and a half clients

Beginners and Conversion Course only

Guaranteed Acceptance

We realise that the initial investment can be quite large and difficult to pay all at once therefore we have a number of flexible payment plans to suit your financial requirements.  Contact us today to discuss your funding options for your Permanent Makeup Training and kit.  We are here to help.

Semi Permanent Makeup Finance

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Why Train With GgBrows?

  • Students will learn from one of the leading semi-permanent makeup artists in the industry.
  • A technician trained to the highest standard can earn up to £100k+ during their first year of practice.
  • GgBrows offers finance for students.
  • Students are taught in small classes.
  • Training takes place over a two-month period (on average) to ensure that our students have the best knowledge and skill set to excel in the industry.
  • Ggbrows teaches students how to BRAND, ADVERTISE and MARKET their new company.
  • Ggbrows offers unlimited shadow days where you can watch Georgie whilst she works.
  • Ggbrows only takes on a limited number of students per year so that Georgie can dedicate herself fully to each course.
  • The course includes a generous sized kit provided by Cosmedic Supplies which includes the most innovate machine available on the market.
  • Ggbrows teaches all students how to run a business successfully and helps each student to create a marketing strategy.
  • Ggbrows provides ongoing support after the course itself has ended.
Microblading to Machine Conversion Course

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Microblading Conversion Course

Beginners Course

The Beginner Course is a three-day intensive course which teaches students how to preform micropigmentation procedures to the highest standard

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SPMU Training Academy

Conversion Course

This course is designed for technicians looking to convert from Microblading to Micropigmentation

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Ombré Brows

Ombré Workshop

A course designed to teach fellow SPMU artists the GgBrows technique

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