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Semi-Permanent Make Up Has Never Looked SO Good

Semi-Permanent Make Up

Semi-Permanent Make Up Has Never Looked SO Good With GgBrows

In a world of Insta filters, Huji apps and Coachella, it’s no surprise that semi-permanent make-up, also known as micropigmentation, is making waves on the popularity scale at present. Cosmetic tattoos are having a renaissance – and why not? From semi-perm eyeliner to full blown lip blushes, micropigmentation allows for a whole lot of time saving and looks to kill! If Semi Permanent Make-up is a treatment you've considered, but you're unsure what to expect, here's everything you need to know...


What Is Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

Pioneering semi-permanent make-up includes lashes which are made thicker using tiny micro-droplets of pigment dropped between each lash, alongside ombré brows which are donned on Love Island and the foreheads of influencers galore, and even beauty spots which Charlotte Tilbury has been re-creating for the last few seasons.


From “Markle Sparkle” freckles to Gwyneth Paltrow brows, semi-permanent make-up is the phrase on everyone’s lips as of late, a situation which GgBrows are thriving off as one of the UK’s leading artists in the Semi Permanent Makeup market. A scroll on Insta reveals a sea of lavish ladies boasting #browgoals, a bulk of which come as the result of GgBrows make-up prowess, triumphing the incredible Ombré Brow, a look craved by all created by founder Georgie. As the home of brows that last longer than a night, GgBrows are proving to be true pioneers on the semi-permanent make-up front, offering a barrage of Semi-Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) training courses to allow for budding brow babes galore to indulge in the art of the Instagrammable look.

Semi-Permanent Make Up


GgBrows Semi Permanent Makeup Training

So, why do Semi Permanent Makeup Training with GgBrows? Well, the stalwart brow service holds eight years of experience at its helm and trains technicians to enviously high levels to allow them to burst into the brow world and make up to 100k in their first year. The company focuses tremendously on student success, teaching students how to brand, advertise and market their company. You’ll grab hold of all sorts of perks, from unlimited shadow days to ongoing support and there’s even finance offered to students too! Be the envy of all your friends and wake up looking like they do in the movies by enrolling on one of the GgBrows courses; bespoke and elite offerings designed by the companies expert owner.


We’ve been totally obsessed with thicker eyebrows after we quickly realised that the Christina Aguilera-esque tadpole eyebrows of the noughties really didn’t do much for our faces. Now, we want thicker more wholesome brows and micropigmentation is the way to achieve that. Cosmetic courses include the Ombre Workshop allowing students to learn techniques surrounding the misty, fluffy finishes behind beautiful brows, with training spread across a period of two months, meaning you’ll be brushed up on your brow artistry in no time. However, if you’re not ready to dive straight into the eyebrow deep-end, then why not enrol on a Beginner SPMU Course?


The Beginner SPMU Course is a short and sweet offering that begins with pre-coursework during which students will produce several essays, followed by three days of intensive training, focusing on hands-on work and the theoretical side of SPMU. Days two and three involve students immersing themselves in their craft as models are provided on which to practice the Ombré Brows technique, coupled with in depth and detailed feedback from owner Georgie. Plus, if you’re ready to take on the machine then why not try your hand at the Microblading to Machine Conversion Course? The course will get you ahead of the game to create the ombré look desired by one and all – Cara Delavigne, eat your heart out!


What’s more, GgBrows are well aware that kit is crucial when it comes to training and creating long-lasting lavish looks, which is why they’ve got you covered with a huge range of cosmetic accessories over on Cosmedic Supplies. All the way from Semi Permanent make-up machines and needles to brow pens, fake tattoo skins and pigment rings, they’ve locked down the fine details to boast an impressive range of products at fabulous prices.

Semi-Permanent Make Up Training


Dreamy Dermal Filler

Of course, brows aren’t the only facial feature having a moment. Plump, luscious lips as seen on influencers and models galore are making us want to get in on the action – and why not? Dermal Fillers are two words being mentioned more and more on the cosmetic grapevine as an influx of people wanting to have in on the action mean the procedure is gaining traction. Dermal fillers help to diminish various signs of ageing, from fine lines, wrinkles and more, and work as lip fillers when administered directly into the lip tissue. The most common type of facial filler is hyaluronic acid - the natural substance found in many areas of the body including eyeballs, joints and skin, that can hold 1000x its weight in water.


However, it’s best you don’t embrace your inner Leslie Ash or Donatella Versace anytime soon and instead head to people who know exactly what they’re doing – enter the team behind GgCosmetics. As wavemakers on the Semi Permanent Makeup Training front, the Gg team are a dab hand at pumping life into your dermal filler dreams and even offer training sessions to allow you to plump up your own CV.


The training course provided has travelled through a rigorous verification process to become an established and successful course for budding dermal filler buffs. Offering up a free kit, free 1ml dermal filler procedure, as well as a bulk of training in courses such as Anaphylaxis, first aid and more, you’ll learn to become quizzed up in every single element of dermal filler application. What’s more, you’ll obtain access to 6-8 models and exclusive suppliers and, if you inject like a pro by the end you’ll grab yourself an AAP Certificate.

Dermal fillers

What are you waiting for?

Semi-Permanent Makeup is fast becoming the norm with beauty menu’s booming with tattoo eyeliner, microblade eyes and more. Now makes for the perfect time to purchase your bits and bobs and get trained up on what is fast becoming a more popular way of life by the day! SPMU is in high-demand meaning you’ll reap the benefits from having this skill under your belt.

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