NEW Bundle - Lip Blush Bible & Colourful Book - Hardback

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THIS IS HARDBACK | Online E-Book bundle can be purchased here

Both Hardbacks will be sent via post

The GgBrows Lip Blush Bible covers both Sheer Lips and HD Lips. The level of attention to detail in this book is like no other class on the market. The content will provide you with the highest standard of theoretical and practical knowledge, which combined will elevate your results to the next level. You will learn so much more than just how to perfect results for your future clients. You will gain knowledge and new skill sets that will drastically improve yourself as an artist overall. Everything is so beautifully broken down and delivered in the most methodical and understandable way. 

Hardback book will be sent in post

The Colourful Book took two years to write and design. It is all about colour theory, pigment composition and how they behave differently within different skin types. The second half of the book is a pigment dictionary that describes the carbon levels, opacity levels, temperature, the value and a general description of each pigment. Each swatch has been handmade and scanned into the book and has a list of its CI numbers assigned to it. 
How is this different to the Online Masterclass?
- Any video content
- Pre Drawing
- The Pigment Cheat Sheet
- The Corners
- The Client and Artist Position Guide