Hardback Brow Bundle - GgBrows Brow Bible + Colourful Book

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Colourful Hardback Book & Online Brow Bible Ebook Hardback


Hardback Brow Bible

The GgBrows Ombre and Misty Brow E-book is perfectly designed for those who do not require to full comprehensive training that the online masterclass provides. It includes as much as possible that the online masterclass provides bar mapping and pre-drawing as well as the LIVE tutorials. It includes all of the pigment and colour theory that is included in the online masterclass. 

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Colourful Hardback Book

The Colourful Book took two years to write and design. It is all about colour theory, pigment composition and how they behave differently within different skin types. The second half of the book is a pigment dictionary that describes the carbon levels, opacity levels, temperature, the value and a general description of each pigment. Each swatch has been handmade and scanned into the book and has a list of its CI numbers assigned to it.

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Who is GgBrows?

GgBrows was created in 2015 by Georgie, who brought the Ombre brow technique to the UK. Georgie open her academy side of the business in 2016 and was one the first technicians to offer such training. We have seen huge student success and trained over 1000+ people just in the ombre brow. With the rise of permanent makeup in the later years and especially Lip Blush, Georgie offered the training and quickly became an industry leader in this technique.

Permanent Makeup Online Training

Georgie has been building her online platform since 2021 with first starting her FREE YouTube channel. Now with the waters tested, we believe its perfect time to showcase our new online PMU training courses. With such success for her in person training, Georgie has gone above beyond on her online courses to make sure each person enrolling has such value for money. See all online courses here