Ombre Brows

The Ombre Brows has been created by Georgie to give a very soft diluted colour starting at around 20% gradient at the front of the brows going right through to 80% into the arch and tails. With a lighter front to the brow and a gradual darker depth through to the tail of the brow, creates the perfect Ombre Brow which results in a soft misty, fluffy finish behind the natural hairs. This technique heals to reveal very natural results and lasts for up to three years providing the aftercare is carried out correctly. Please note this is a Cosmetic Tattoo.

Georgie created the Ombre Brow as it is a technique that can be easily tailored to suit each individual client. It is far less traumatic to the skin than hair strokes, it suits all skin types and it heals far more natural than hair strokes. Hair strokes can cause a lot of trauma to the skin and can often heal patchy, or even not take at all once healed. They tend to blur in the skin as the skin regenerates and renews over time. They are often more painful for the client to have done. Hair strokes only suit a handful of clients skin types; this usually isn’t taught during training and can lead to problems with clients in the future.

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Semi Permanent Makeup Correction

Difference between Microblading & Micropigmentation Correction

Correcting semi permanent makeup is extremely difficult. There is often a lot of scar tissue in the skin which is extremely difficult to insert pigment into. Quite often the cosmetic tattoo has discoloured which requires a skilled technician to correct. Pigments such as blue, green, yellow, red and purple based tones will need to be used to correct any discolouration. Any technician attempting to perform a correction with microblading is dangerous; more damage will be caused to the skin and the likelihood of a successful correction being carried out in the future will be very low. Only micropigmentation should be carried out to successfully correct any unwanted semi permanent makeup in the skin.


Please DO YOUR RESEARCH and choose the best technician for you, the cheapest option is definitely not the right route to take. Around the £350 mark is the average price to pay. Avoid paying less to minimise the risk of having to pay more to correct any mistakes, please contact GgBrows if you are unhappy with your semi permanent makeup.


Price List - Ombre Brows

£375 for The Ombre Brow

£400 for correction work - We offer correction work. This would be needed if you have previous pigment in the skin (Must contact us before booking)

Please note that a deposit is needed when booking an Appointment (£100 Deposit)

Ombre Brows & Lips Package

£500 - Ombre Brow & 0.5ml of Restylane or Revolax (£40 Extra for Juverderm)

£570 - Ombre Brow &  1ml of Restylane or Revolax (£40 Extra for Juverderm)

Please note that a deposit is needed when booking an Appointment (£150 Deposit)

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Ombre brows uk


What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

The ancient art form of tattooing has been around for many, many years. With beauty standards ever evolving, the principle of adding pigment to the skin has been borrowed for cosmetological applications.

After initially using permanent tattooing to enhance facial features, the semi-permanent alternative arrived on the scene, with it being particularly popular for eyebrow enhancement.

The difference?

This time the pigments weren’t delivered as deep into the skin, meaning that the results weren’t everlasting, making for a low-risk, high-reward treatment. However, the brash appearance and inky colours still made the eyebrow pencil a go-to for many women.

But here’s the thing:

Semi-permanent makeup has evolved. With innovative techniques and tools being used, beautifully refined brows are more readily accessible, without turning to drastic, harsh and outdated practices.


Modern Day Semi-Permanent Brows

Many of us are familiar with microblading. Along with other brow enhancing techniques, such as micropigmentation, this brow-enhancing treatment is actually a form of semi-permanent makeup.

Any time pigment is delivered, and lasts for a significant period of time, in the layers of the skin, a semi-permanent tattooing procedure has taken place.


That’s because when most of us think of semi-permanent brows we think of the solid blocky shapes that were a result of poorly executed earlier techniques. However, newer techniques have emerged that are shedding the previously held poor reputation.

With faith in semi-permanent brows restored, it’s easy to recognise the benefits of opting for these types of treatment.

The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Brows

Time Efficient

Saving time during makeup routines, semi-permanent brows reduce the time needed to get you out of the door.

Confidence Boosting

With brows being a major facial sticking point for many ladies, having low-maintenance brows that look constantly flawless provides a surge in confidence - particularly for those with limited makeup skills.

Enhances Facial Features

A professionally designed and drawn semi-permanent brow takes into account face shapes and features to create a look that enhances natural beauty.

All semi-permanent techniques share these benefits, however, there are many techniques that fall within this bracket of treatments and not all are equal.

Take a look at our reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience training with Gg Brows, Georgie made me feel more than comfortable throughout my training and the level of support that she provides is incredible. I couldn’t thank her or recommend her enough! She was a pleasure to train with and even more of a pleasure to bond with, I have not only gained a new qualification and talent but I’ve built a lovely relationship with Georgie. Thank you!

Brogan Brooks

I couldn’t recommend Georgie enough for what she does. Not only is her work amazing but she also teaches in such an incredible way. I really enjoyed my training with Georgie. It was so intense but I come out feeling so prepared and buzzing to start my new career in the SPMU Industry. She has made me feel more confident and she is always so supportive. Again, I couldn’t have done it without her hard work and determination

Charley Harrison

When it come to training ombre brows georgie knows exactly what she’s doing she gives you 100% from the get go shes never failed to reply to any messages before and after my master class. Her support even 6 months down the line is amazing, the master class it’s self was more than I expected gg brows have it all lined up for you not a question is left un answered and the hands on training is perfect to get you mastering this technique with it been one to one you have her attention 100%. The ombrè brow has definitely helped my career as an semi permanent make artists and it’s my most popular treatment, I would definitely recommend georgie lady’s she’s the bomb at ombrè brows.
Thank you so much georgie xxxx

April Lofthouse

I have recently finished my training with GGbrows and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Georgie had everything covered prior to the 3 training days so that by the time it came to being hands on with the machine and hand piece I felt confident and excited. The 3 days training were intense but enjoyable and comfortable, Georgie made me feel so at ease and because of the amazing manual she provides I felt I had all the knowledge I needed. Since the training Georgie has been so supportive and helpful, she motivates and encourages me to be the best I can be. Again I couldn’t recommend the GGbrows training academy highly enough, Georgie is the best in the business and she provides you with as much knowledge as you need to make a successful career in SPMU.

Thank you for all your help and support Georgie

Harley Selby

I wholeheartedly recommend Georgie if you are considering her for your brows. She really put me at ease and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love my new brows!!!

Sirish Gurung

Literally in LOVE with my GG brows! Georgie puts huge amounts of effort into the planning of her designs and colour matches, which ensures that the final results are always perfect! I will definitely be back for another set in a few years time.

Melanie Hayward

LOVE my brows. Georgie is so good I travel over an hour to go to her, Well worth the journey

Roni Brown

My experience with Ggbrows was faultless from the first procedure to the last. I was and still am really pleased with my results.
I will absolutely be returning when the time comes for a top up. I would highly recommend Ggbrows for anyone wanting brilliant results and informative aftercare tailored to you.

Annie Ewin

I had my eyebrows done with Georgie around 3 weeks ago and they are amazing! I don’t know how I lived without them! They are the prefect shape and colour! Can’t recommend Georgie enough, she’s lovely, friendly and incredibly talented at what she creates. I cant thank her enough!

Portia Baker

I am in love with my eyebrows! Georgie did an amazing job at correcting my brows, after having them done elsewhere. She was very understanding, as I was very nervous to have work done on them again after a not so great experience previously! Now, they save me so much time in the mornings, and they look so natural. I couldn’t be happier with them. I am obsessed with eyebrows and Georgie was very patient with me. She’s professional, friendly and brilliant at brows. Thank you

Amy Louise Molesworth

I didn’t even have to think twice about Georgie doing my brows, she is so talented I completely trusted her with what for me is a pretty bold move! Permanent makeup isn’t something I’d considered before, but once I got talking to Georgie and saw her work I was sure it was something I’d really love. I wasn’t disappointed- the process was really professional and she explained what she was doing along the way which was really reassuring- Georgie has given my brows a wonderful shape and lovely colour which frame my face and I feel fab! Thank you xx

Rosie Sleeman Perry

Georgie is just amazing at what she does. So much time and effort went into my brows! She was so lovely and chatty so it made me feel at ease although I was worried! The procedure wasn’t as painful as I thought as she was extra generous with the anaesthetic. Amazing experience all in all, I’d recommend anyone. If you are unsure about anything, just do it you won’t regret it. Invest in your brows and let Georgie do them!Can’t wait to come back for my top up thanks so much Georgie you are fab!xxx

Shannon Dancy

After doing much research I had finally found someone’s work that I really loved the look of!! I just want to say a massive thank you to Georgie 4 my amazing brows I absolutely love them!! I loved the way u were so professional and passionate about your work it made me feel so comfortable. I definitely recommend you to the world!! Thank u so much

Naomi Sullivan

I had my eyebrows done Saturday and I’m literally obsessed with them! From the moment I walked in the door Georgie made me feel so comfortable and relaxed as I was a bit nervous! From start to finish she spoke to me throughout checking I was okay and after a long time of debating whether to go for it or not I am so glad I did as it’s completely changed my face, I can actually wear no makeup now and feel like I’m done up. I can’t wait to see them fully healed and I can’t thank Georgie enough.. definitely the best out there for sure she really is amazing!  xx

Chloe Nevard

I was hesitant about having my eyebrows tattooed but my experience with Georgie has been faultless from the first appointment to the last. I used to spend 20+ mins filling in my uneven brows every morning … Now I wake up to perfect Full, Fluffy and Fierce brows

I highly recommend GGBROWS, Georgie talks you through every step so you feel at total ease with the procedure, she is very professional, hygienic, friendly and incredibly talented. It felt like I was sitting with a friend all of which makes the whole experience more enjoyable! Georgie really takes her time to perfect the perfect Brow. I get so many compliments on them.
I can’t thank Georgie enough for boosting my confidence with my new fierce brows…. Would never go anywhere else xxx

Charlotte Worrall