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Micropigmentation Vs Microblading

Micropigmentation Vs Microblading

Semi Permanent Makeup has saturated the beauty therapy market and has become increasingly popular in the last 12 months. There are two different methods that are used to create the semi permanent makeup effect: micropigmentation and microblading. Micropigmentation is also known as semi permanent makeup, eyebrow tattooing, semi permanent eyebrows, permanent makeup etc. Microblading is sometimes known as eyebrow embroidery. The main difference between the two is that micropigmentation is performed with a machine and a needle, whereas microblading is performed using a scalpel type hand piece.

When performing microblading, the technician will slice the clients skin using the scalpel tool to create the look of a hair stroke and rub tattoo ink into the wound to insert a colour into the skin. The hope is that, when the skin heals it will retain some colour. This method is extremely traumatic to the skin and can cause a lot of scar tissue. Hair strokes do not suit most skin types and tend to blur over time and create a mess in the skin. The healed results are often patchy and discolour in most cases. Microblading lasts up to 12months and can be very difficult to correct.

Micropigmentation is performed using a machine and a needle which is usually 0.4 mm in size. The needle is attached to a cartridge which, when dipped into semi permanent makeup ink, collects enough pigment to carefully insert it into the skin when contact is made. The technician will select the correct speed to suit the clients skin type and will also adjust the length of the needle depending on the clients skin type. By performing micropigmentation, a technician can carefully tailor the procedure specifically to the clients individual needs. Micropigmentation is far less traumatic the skin, and the healed results are incredible and last for a longer period of time providing the technician follows the correct protocols.

Always choose a technician who’s work you LOVE and always choose a technician is posts healed results of their work.

Take a look at this video that explains further - - This woman is amazing!

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