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As Georgie has advanced in the industry, she decided to add another string to her bow: dermal filler. As beauty standards evolve, luscious lips, sharp jawlines and high cheekbones have become some of the most desirable looks in the beauty industry. However, in such a saturated market, there are many clinics that do not train their staff properly and often rush procedures. At Ggbrows, our aim is to create beautiful results that our clients can be proud of. We have two injectors who have been through advanced training and never rush an appointment. Georgie is a cosmetic injector with over eight years in the aesthetic industry. Nurse Rachel has specialised in the dermal filler industry for several years (as well as working as a nurse for the NHS) and has been through several advanced training courses which have perfected her knowledge and technique. Both practitioners work with a range of different products which allow them to tailor the procedure to every client’s needs.

Georgie and Nurse Rachel are able to merge their aesthetic knowledge with cosmetic medicine, ensuring all clients receive the highest calibre of care. At our clinic, our priority is client safety and of course client satisfaction.

As well as jawline, check and lip filler, Ggbrows also covers several areas of the face including smile and marionette lines, nasolabial folds, deep frown/forehead lines and acne scars. The same price structure applies to these areas.

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 Bespoke Treatments for Every Client

At Ggbrows, we know that each client has individual needs and wants. That is why all of our technicians make sure they have enough time to have an in-depth consultation with every client at the beginning of each appointment. During the procedure, our technicians continue to check-in with the client to ensure that the service being delivered is fulfilling expectations. No eyebrow, pair of lips, jawline or cheekbones are the same and we are dedicated to treating each client as their own person with their own individual desires

Quality Products

All of our technicians utilise a variety of techniques, products and tools to provide the safest and most desirable results possible. We only use the highest quality products available on the aesthetic market. Revolax and Restylane are our main products and are renown for being the safest and most effective products in the industry.*

*We also offer Juverderm filler at an extra cost. Please contact the company to learn more.

Loyalty Cards

Many of our customers return after their first procedure to maintain definition and volume in their lips. With such a high return rate, after your first procedure Georgie will give you a loyalty card which caps the price of a 0.5ml top up at £100 or a 1ml top up at £155 should you return within a 4-10 week time frame.

Referral Cards

After your procedure, one of our practitioners will also issue you four referral cards. Each card has a discount code which gives those referred 10% off their dermal procedure. Should all four cards be used, you will be offered a dermal procedure at half price.

On average, results last up to 6-9 months.

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